Rediscovering the Fountain of Youth

Rediscovering the Fountain of Youth
Rediscovering the Fountain of Youth

We all remember how, as kids, we couldn’t wait to be adults. But now, as adults, we look back with nostalgia on the days of our youth. Back then, we could bounce back from injuries without issue, our skin was smooth and supple, and we moved with ease and flexibility. Is there a way to get all that youth back? It’s a question that has plagued society for as long as anyone can remember. What is the secret to finding the fountain of youth?

There are many theories, mostly looking for some sort of secret substance to replace an ingredient that declines in our bodies as we age. One of these most important elements for aging skin is collagen. Collagen is a protein that your body produces naturally. It is well known that collagen gives skin its elasticity, structure, and youthfulness, and for this reason it is sought after as a remedy for reducing the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles. We see it advertised in skin creams for topical administration, and many people swear by it.

What most people don’t know is that collagen is found not only in skin, but also in many other tissues of the body. Cartilage, bone, tendons, organs, and joints need collagen for strength, elasticity, and regeneration. The problem is that from about our mid-twenties onward, we start to produce less and less collagen, with levels dropping significantly more when we hit middle age. Supplementing collagen can reduce not only the visible signs of aging, but also the physical signs.

As an acupuncturist, a lot of my patients come to me for help dealing with chronic pain—pain from osteoarthritis and all kinds of injuries. When cartilage becomes thin with wear and tear, we end up with osteoarthritis, a very common disease that can cause severe pain. Osteoporosis occurs with a thinning of our bone density, and it makes us susceptible to bone fractures. It also takes us more time to heal tendon, ligament, cartilage, bone, and muscle injuries as we age. All of these issues can be treated with collagen supplementation.

Collagen Pure from Mitsuwa Health offers collagen in a tasteless, easy-to-dissolve powder form that is simple to take when mixed in water, juice, tea, or even on your food. Take it once or twice a day, for best results. Even if you can’t actually turn back the clock to find eternal youth, you certainly can reduce the negative physical impacts of aging, with a youthful glow and a spring to your step.

Gabrielle Fox, R. Ac.

Gabrielle is a registered acupuncturist who completed the Acupuncture program at The International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. She uses acupuncture, tui na massage, and cupping to treat many common health symptoms and conditions, including back pain, chronic headaches, tendonitis, and stress. Additionally, as a mother, Gabrielle used acupuncture throughout her pregnancy and postpartum. Her first-hand experience of the benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy has sparked her interest in educating and treating those going through the same journey. Living life actively and staying in good health have always been important to Gabrielle, as is sharing the knowledge she has accumulated over the years.