Star Struck? Consider Beauty Backed by Science Instead

On the Quest for That Beautiful Japanese Complexion

Star Struck?
Consider Beauty Backed by Science Instead

By Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, Global Medicine Hunter®

Star Struck? Consider Beauty Backed by Science Instead

Whether it’s losing their pregnancy weight or sculpting for a movie role, celebrities are sought for their beauty secrets, as if there’s some magical shortcut to the perfect body. I know, because I was part of that “fabrication” industry for a full decade. Early in my health career, I wrote over 22-platinum selling videos and TV shows for Hollywood celebrities—everyone from Heather Locklear to Cher, even country singers and soap opera stars who wanted to boost their cue ratings.

People believe those airbrushed images and carefully constructed bodies are real, but I saw the downside of those beauty shortcuts. Like the morning I arrived for a script meeting, and was met with lip injections that had migrated up the face into chipmunk cheeks. Or when I saw facelifts so botched, I didn’t even recognize the actress. Weary of propping up these false images, I called it quits.

Today I’m on a healing quest to put those celebrity-obsessed images behind me. I tell women to stop worrying about looking like movie stars, and instead, to feel good in their own skin. It often starts with perceiving yourself as valuable, worthwhile and uniquely beautiful. However, if you really want in on an authentic beauty secret, I still hunt for the best, and I have one for you right now.

The best beauty regimen is safe, effective, backed by science, and time-tested by millions of women who attest to its striking effectiveness. This one comes to us from Japan where I found myself admiring the way Japanese women everywhere had gorgeous complexions well into their 70s. I eventually discovered that many of them credit their flawless skin to a daily supplement of pure, hydrolyzed collagen.

Supplementing daily with pure, hydrolyzed collagen can help you regain a youthful tone to your complexion, while giving your bones, joints, and tissues a boost. This is an all-natural method for lasting beauty from the inside out. Pretty soon, celebrities will be asking you for your beauty secrets!