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MTW Reishi Hand Cream – rich in the living energy of reishi and the relaxing aroma of lavender, this nourishing hand cream brings a soothing sensation to the mind and skin. It contains CoQ10 and a blend of premium natural herbal extracts – together with a quick-absorbing formula, to protect, soften and moisturize hands effectively. MTW Reishi Hand Cream is now available in new packaging!


Hands don’t lie when it comes to revealing your true age. Daily treatment for your hands is the key to keep them looking young and healthy.

Why do your hands feel rough and dry?
Because your hands excrete less natural skin oil and are used / washed so often, it’s difficult to retain moisture, leaving them rough and dry.

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1. Nourishment Red Reishi Extract
Bring radiance to your skin using with the nourishing properties of red reishi.

2. Prevent Dryness Squalane, Aloe Vera, Pueraria Lobata root, Chlorella and Soybean Extract
A blend of these premium ingredients provides an intensive supply of moisture for your hands. It helps to lock in moisture and prevents dryness, makes your hands soft and smooth.

3. Protective Coating: CoQ10
Replenish and protect skin with CoQ10 to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – resulting in youthful-looking skin.

4. Soothing aroma: Lavender Oil
Embrace the relaxing and soothing aroma of natural lavender oil for peace of mind.



Please click here for full list of ingredients.

• 125g / 4.2 fl.oz.

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Made in Japan

MTW Reishi Hand Cream is made by a leading cosmetic and skin care product manufacturer in Japan with ISO 9001:2008 certification (quality management system) and ISO 22716:2007 certification (Good Manufacturing Practices) for cosmetics.


Apply as needed to hands and massage into hands for maximum absorption.
Reapply throughout the day to keep hands feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.

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MTWTM is a sub-brand of Mitsuwa® that offers the latest high quality beauty products from Japan.

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