Collagen Pure

Collagen Pure Dietary Supplement

Collagen is an important connective tissue protein found in our body (skin, muscle, and joints), accounting for 25-30% of the whole-body protein content. Many factors hinder collagen production and contribute to collagen loss such as aging, sun exposure, pollution, poor health and lifestyle habits; collagen loss directly influences skin deterioration and speeds up the aging process.


MITSUWA Collagen Pure is a natural dietary supplement from Japan with no impurities, no artificial additives and no preservatives – it is 100% collagen!

  • 100% natural with no impurities
  • Highly-dissolvable and easy for the body to absorb
  • No artificial color additives or preservatives
  • No unpleasant taste and easy to consume
  • Low in calories
  • Individually-packaged in hygienic packs for convenience
  • 100% made in Japan


  • MITSUWA Collagen Pure dietary supplement
  • 30 packs per box ; 2g of hydrolyzed collagen per tube
  • Collagen peptide
  • 1-2 packs per day (2-4g collagen peptide), or as suggested by your health practitioner.
Easy consumption
  • Consume with water, or dissolve in your favourite food and drink.

Food: congee, noodles, meat, vegetables
Dessert: yogurt, ice-cream, sweetened-soup
Cold beverage: juice, milk, pop
Hot beverage: coffee, tea, hot chocolate

Cautions: Please consult your health practitioner before consumption if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.


Made in Japan by a world-class GMP and ISO certified manufacturer

MITSUWA COLLAGEN PURE is produced by a leading pharmaceutical and health food manufacturer in Japan with quality management system (ISO 9001) certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association GMP) certification. All MITSUWA products are thoroughly checked and approved by health food regulatory agencies in North America.

NPN: 80032922


Will Mitsuwa Collagen Pure dissolve in water? Is it an issue with the quality of Mitsuwa Collage Pure if it does not dissolve totally in water?

All Mitsuwa Collagen Pure have been tested and are safe for consumption. The Collagen Pure will dissolve in both cold and hot water. To receive the optimal result for dissolving Mituswa Collagen Pure powder, please follow these steps:

Step 1
Pour room temperature drinking water into a glass.

Step 2
Pour the Collagen powder into the glass of water.

Step 3
Stir and let it rest for a few minutes to let it fully dissolve.

In some rare cases, a foamy residue may appear on the water surface or rest at the bottom of the glass. This may occur due to the steps taken to dissolve the powder or storing conditions of the product. Please note that this is not issue with the quality of Mitsuwa Collage Pure and that the product is safe for consumption.

How to consume Mitsuwa Collagen Pure?

However you like. The easiest way is to consume with water. You can also add Collagen Pure to any food or beverage such as coffee, juice, milk, soup, stir-fry foods, pan-fry foods, rice, congee, bread, cake, snacks, or even yogurt.

What is the best time to take Mitsuwa Collagen Pure?

Before breakfast on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. The individually-packaged Collagen Pure allows you to conveniently consume it anywhere you go.

Does Mitsuwa Collagen Pure make you gain weight?

Collagen Pure is a protein which does not contain any fat or sugar so it will not promote weight-gain or interfere with weight-loss diets.

What is hydrolyzed collagen and how is it different?

Collagen in its natural form is composed of complex molecules too large for absorption. Mitsuwa Collagen Pure uses advanced Japanese technology and a type of hydrolysis (water splitting) procedure to convert collagen into fine, shorter, peptides that are easy for the body to digest and metabolize. Hydrolyzed collagen reaches the tissues easier and is then able to provide the intended benefits.

Does Mitsuwa Collagen Pure make you gain weight?

Collagen Pure is a protein which does not contain any fat or sugar so it will not promote weight-gain or interfere with weight-loss diets.

What are some of the benefits in consuming collagen?

Recommended to help relieve joint pain, an abundance of collagen may also promote healthy skin and joints; thick, shiny hair; and strong, non-brittle nails. Taken over a long period of time, it may show improvement for lean muscle gain, muscle tone, arterial strengthening, and organ rebuilding.

What collagen type is Collagen Pure?

Collagen Pure is a type I collagen.

What are the differences between collagen types I and II?

Type I collagen is the most abundant source of collagen in the body found in skin, tendons, artery walls, ligatures, organs, and main components of bone. Type II collagen is mainly found in cartilage.

What is the source of Collagen Pure?

Collagen Pure is sourced from porcine. Porcine and their organs are known to be most similar to human genetics. Porcine sourced collagen is less complex and easier to digest in humans.

Is Collagen Pure okay for vegetarians to consume?

Collagen Pure is derived from porcine and may not be okay for vegetarians to consume.