About Mitsuwa

The MITSUWA brand, established in 2003, strives to promote and introduce the best Japanese-made health, beauty, and wellness products to North America. Not only does Mitsuwa provide our customers with the finest quality products from Japan, it also aims to promote the concept of Health, Beauty and Energy – the foundation of a harmonious life.

As the general population becomes increasingly health conscious and accepting of alternative and natural medicine, the need for health and beauty related products grows. To fit this need, Mitsuwa partners only with the most reputable and trusted manufacturers in the health and wellness industry in Japan; combining advanced Japanese technology and superior natural ingredients to bring the highest quality health and beauty products.

Super-3 is Mitsuwa’s first success, combining the three most revered mushrooms – Red Reishi, Meshimakobu and Maitake with the message that “prevention is better than cure!” Collagen Pure, Mitsuwa’s first product for its beauty line, is a popular dietary supplement for skin health containing 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen.

Mitsuwa continues to work with Japan’s leading manufacturers to provide a wide range of premium health and beauty goods from dietary supplements to skin care products that promote a harmonious balance between Health, Beauty, and Energy.

Our Mission

To provide customers with the finest premium health and beauty products from Japan that supports the perfect balance of Health, Beauty, and Energy.

Our Brand

MITSUWA is defined as the “combination of three.” The MITSUWA concept is the perfect harmony of the “three” life essentials: Health, Beauty, and Energy.

Health – without good health, it is not easy to achieve one’s goals in life.

With the ever growing amount of stress, pollution, and illness in our daily lives, it is difficult to stay healthy without help. MITSUWA’s health products use only the highest quality of ingredients to help support a healthy lifestyle.

Beauty – who doesn’t want to feel attractive and young?

Inner and outer beauty together can help one feel confident enough to achieve anything. MITSUWA’s beauty products use only select ingredients specially formulated by Japanese researchers to help rejuvenate the body.

Energy – the key to health & beauty

By being healthy and feeling beautiful, one is more energetic to pursue their goals in life. MITSUWA’s products provides the energy for a balanced lifestyle.


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MTW is a sub-brand of Mitsuwa® that offers the latest high quality Japanese beauty products.