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Why are health supplements so popular with urbanites?

An urban lifestyle can often be stressful and hectic. People who are living this lifestyle want high quality health supplements that they can trust and that are convenient to use.

Why is Cordyceps so popular?

Cordyceps is a revered herb that has been well-studied and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The first recorded usage of cordyceps is in the Ben Cao Cong Xin, a well-known TCM compendium on herbal plants written in 1694, which describes the revered herb as being “sweet in taste and neutral in nature.”

When is the best time to use the face mask?

You can use anytime based on your own personal preference. Use after washing the face and applying toner for best results.

Is it necessary to wash my face after using the face mask?

No. After treatment, simply pat your face lightly to absorb the remaining essence into your skin. However, you can still choose to rinse your face afterwards with warm water if that is your preference.


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