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Mitsuwa Okinawa 28 Greens

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Size: 30 individual sachets, 3 g each
Net weight: 90 g /box


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Okinawa - The Land of Longevity

Located in Japan’s most southernmost area, the beautiful island of Okinawa is known for its blue waters, vibrant coral reefs, and healthy cuisine. It is also the home of the largest population of centenarians. The Okinawans credit their longevity to their daily diet of indigenous fruits and vegetables such as goya (bitter melon) and green papaya, rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Mitsuwa® Okinawa 28 Greens

Okinawa 28 Greens is your go-to-choice to help maintain a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet. Made from a delicious and unique blend of 28 traditional Okinawan vegetables, young Japanese barley grass and Okinawan black sugar, start your day with Okinawa 28 Greens!

Product Features

  • Contains 28 traditional Okinawan vegetables
  • Naturally sweetened with Okinawan black sugar
  • Dissolves easily in hot or cold liquid
  • Contain no artificial flavors or colours
  • Soy / dairy / gluten free
  • Vegan friendly

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  • 28 kinds of traditional Okinawan vegetables
  • Young Japanese barley grass
  • Okinawan black sugar


Size: 30 individual sachets, 3 g each
Net weight: 90 g / box

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Made in Japan by a world-class GMP and ISO certified manufacturer

MITSUWA OKINAWA 28 GREENS is produced by a leading pharmaceutical and health food manufacturer in Japan with quality management system (ISO 9001) certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association GMP) certification. All MITSUWA products are thoroughly checked and approved by health food regulatory agencies in North America.


Mix one sachet in a 100 ml drink (hot or cold) such as water or milk*. You can also add to your favourite smoothie, ice cream, soup or yogurt!

**To dissolve the powder in a drink more easily, first mix well with half of the drink and then add the remaining liquid.

*Adjust the amount of liquid according to your preference in taste.

Note: Once Okinawa 28 Greens are mixed and set aside, fibrous particles will appear. This is considered to be normal, please feel safe to consume.