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Mitsuwa Super-3

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Contains: 1 boxes of Super-3 (60 sachets/box)

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Product: Mitsuwa SUPER-3 – Mushroom Supplement

Packaging/size: 60 bags / box (600mg / 10 balls x 60 bags)


Medicinal ingredients: red reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), maitake (Grifola frondosa), and meshimakobu (Phellineus linteus aoshima) [fruiting body extract]

Non-medicinal ingredients: starch, honey, soy fiber, glycerol, citrus fiber, calcium carbonate, hydroxypropyl starch

Contains soy.


Mitsuwa SUPER-3 is a dietary health food supplement from Japan, the perfect combination of three unique mushrooms. Each box of Mitsuwa SUPER-3 contains an extremely concentrated blend of essence extracted from the dried fruiting body of no less than 168g Red Reishi, 27g Meshimakobu and 10.8g Maitake mushrooms. (more details)

  • Effective – A special combination of three mushroom extracts.
  • Easy to swallow – The Super-3 balls are miniature and effortless to ingest in its unique ball form that ensures timely release into the body.
  • Conveniently-packaged – Each dose is individually packaged in a sterile foil packet and tightly sealed to protect from humidity and oxidation.
  • Gelatin-Free

Recommended Dose

  • Take one packet (10 balls) a day with warm water.
  • Take with an empty stomach, best before a meal..


Product of Japan